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coming soon: dark daddy romance

daddy's girl series: romantic suspense

My Birthday Babygirl SH Ecover NEW.jpg
Wedding Date Babygirl SH Ecover NEW.jpg
My Blind Date Babygirl SH Ecover NEW.jpg

mafia billionaire romance series

Official Shanna Handel 
Reading Order

Bronson, Carter, Rockland, Virgin, Surrender

Daddy, Say Daddy, Daddies, Her Mafia Daddies

His Ranch, His Rules, Her Cowboy Her Daddy, Ranch Daddy

Dark Crown, Dark Throne, Dark Kingdom, Dark Forest, Dark Castle

(Dark Sea Posie's story to be written)

My Birthday Babygirl, My Blind Date Babygirl, Wedding Date Daddy

Be My Babygirl, Always My Babygirl, Forever My Babygirl

(Vegas Daddies a series written with Jane Henry)

Cash is King, Devil in Gold, Rich as Sin, Make it Rain, Wild and West

Vow to the King, Mafia Fire, Mafia Beast, Mafia Captor

Coming Soon Stalk Me Gently: A Dark Daddy Romance

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