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Without further ado- here is another excerpt from Forever Daddy, Book 2 in the Sweet Texas Love Series.

Forever Daddy

Sweet Texas Love, Book Two

Shanna Handel

The ranch-hands all looked at Carrie, knowingly. It was no secret at The Lonestar Cattle

Company that this little girl had a strict, loving daddy in Wes. Everyone who knows Wes, knows

it’s his ranch, and his rules and you’d best obey them or there would be a price to pay. Always

fair, but always firm, Wes had the full respect of every man in the outfit. And sweet little Carrie

had their hearts.

As Wes lead her away, firmly by the arm, she gave a little farewell wave over her shoulder.

Wes guided Carrie towards the barn, away from eyes and ears of the busy ranch. Opening the door,

he let Carrie in first, then pulled the door shut, tight, behind them.

Carrie took a gulp as she looked at the familiar little, brown leather strap that hung from

the wall by the stool.

Walking around her, Wes sat on the stool, resting his boot on the rung near the bottom of

the stool, he leaned back casually. Carrie looked him over from his sandy curls to his broad chest,

and his jean clad legs. He was a tall drink of water and as nervous as she was, she couldn’t help

wanting to tear his clothes off and see the tanned muscles hiding under all that flannel and denim.

“Come here, baby,” he said softly, holding his arms out to her.

Slowly, Wes leaned in and softly, his lips met hers. The way he kissed her made her know

that she truly was the only girl in the world for him, and she was melting into his arms.

Wes’ hands found their way into her curls. He held her head in his hands as the kiss

deepened. Then, he pulled away and said, “I’d do anything for you, Carrie girl.”

“How about forgetting about my spanking?” Carrie murmured with a smile, ready to start

kissing again.

Wes pulled away further, his hands moving to her shoulders. “Anything but that,” he said.

His hands wandered down her arms and onto her thighs as he whispered into her ear, “Now what

kind of daddy would I be if I let my little girl’s naughtiness go unpunished?” Hands still wandering over her body, he continued, “My ranch, my rules, little girl. You know that. And what is the punishment for running away?”

Carrie knew all too well what the punishment for running away was. After the dust had

settled from the crazy wedding break up, the cheating scandal, and Carrie and Wes had gotten

together, Wes had asked her to go to dinner with Jessica and Garrett. A little ‘make peace so we

can have holidays together’ meal. It had been going well until Jessica accidently revealed the fact

she was pregnant. The drama of the situation was too much for Carrie. She had left the table, the

city, the state, and run home to South Carolina. When Wes finally came for her, he had brought

the little brown leather strap with him, and after asking her permission had punished her with it in her own barn.

Knowing she was required to say the embarrassing words, she took a deep breath and said

them. “A spanking.”

“Not just a spanking, I’m afraid. It’s a bare bottom strapping. Isn’t it?”


Finally, she got the strap to come free from its nail and carried the dreaded object over to

Wes. The feel of the smooth leather on her palm made the love, hate feelings for the object

strengthen. Carrie dreaded the strappings and always thought she would fall apart during them, but something about the way it made her feel, to be over Wes’ knee, exposed, the sound of the strap swishing in the air, the sting as it met her bare skin, and the feeling that she belonged to Wes made them bearable. Carrie knew that Wes could punish her with it anytime he saw fit. This fact somehow completed her.

Carrying the implement to her waiting daddy also reminded Carrie of all those lonely years

without him in her life. Years where she thought there was something fundamentally wrong with

her for desiring a man who would fully take her in hand. Wanting a lover who was also a protective daddy that would spank his little girl when she was bad, then take her to bed and own her. She had spent many long nights wondering what kind of woman desires to be a man’s little girl.

Then she had met Wes. He had threatened to spank her less than twenty-four hours after

meeting her, to which she had instantly responded, “Like a daddy?” Those three little words had

forever changed their lives and brought her to where she was now—in the sunny barn, smelling

the sweet scent of fresh hay and bringing the little brown leather strap to her patient, adoring,

cowboy daddy.

Author Bio:

Shanna Handel writes Romance. Plain and simple. For Shanna, there is no romance without a power exchange between a strong woman, and a take-charge man. And for the icing on the cake, Shanna can't have her power exchange without adding a little spanking into her stories.

Shanna Handel writes for pleasure. Sign up for the newsletter at to keep up with her unique books.

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