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EPIC Romance Reviews has announced their fave book boyfriends for the year, and Daddy Wes from Daddy Mine made the list. You can read the post here, and check out the other favorite Book Boyfriends of 2017, as well as read EPIC Romance Reviews totally EPIC review of Daddy Mine that made me cry.

Happy New Year and may 2018 bring you all the love you deserve.

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Daddy Mine (Sweet Texas Love Book 1) by Shanna Handel (Goodreads Author)

EpicRomanceReviews's review

Dec 23, 2017

it was amazing

❤ 🌟❤5 HEART-MELTING COWBOY DADDY STARS! ❤ 🌟❤ “My ranch, my rules, little girl.” Holy SWOOOOON!!! DADDY MINE had me coveting a big, cuddly cowboy daddy of my own!!! Fact. The market is kinda saturated with Daddy Dom romances right now, but as a devoted reader of this niche market, I can say that DADDY MINE is hands down one of the most beautifully crafted dd/lg romances that I have EVER read! This first installment in Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love series has all the key components that make for a heart tugging spanky romance that leaves me ALL AGLOW. First, you need a strong, dominant and fiercely protective hero who makes your pulse race and gives you mad crazy butterflies. Second, an endearingly submissive heroine who can be both “a strong woman, and a good little girl” is a must. And lastly, a compelling and richly nuanced plot that is not just a filler in between the steamy discipline scenes. Well, DADDY MINE ticks off all those boxes and THEN SOME! The Story: It's adoration at first sight when Wes sets his sights on Carrie, the “little girl” of his dreams. With her halo of golden curls, sparking chocolate brown eyes, and angelic air of innocence, this tiny wisp of a woman arouses an instant surge of protectiveness in him and an instinctual desire to make her HIS. Except there was an itsy-bitsy problem…. Carrie is his younger brother Garrett’s girl! But if there was ever a mismatched couple it’s Garrett and Carrie. Wes’s baby bro was a slick Wall Street broker who usually dated sophisticated, sleek city women, whereas Carrie was sweet homespun school teacher, a country girl THROUGH AND THROUGH! Turns out Wes’s forbidden longings were more than reciprocated, for the big, strapping cowboy fulfilled a secret craving in the feisty little “filly” that she’d never even realized she’d possessed. And when Wes caught Carrie defiantly breaking the rules, putting her safety and his wild, untamed horse in jeopardy, and gave her a taste of some tender lovin’ discipline, they found themselves in QUITE A QUANDARY! Now how on earth would they fulfill their heart’s true desires with their honor intact? My Musings: I love me a cowboy daddy story and OMGEEE did this one make me melt!! I am seriously ENAMOURED with Ms. Handel’s writing! Her engaging, breezy style, emotionally-charged and charming tone, and vibrant, atmospheric, western-flavored prose hit all the right notes! Clearly, she understands the dynamic of the dd lifestyle because DADDY MINE feels so poignant and real yet at the same time provides the PERFECT romantic escape! And she is not afraid to take dramatic risks which I found rather refreshing! The soul-deep connection between the hero and heroine was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CAPTIVATING. Wes is one ruggedly handsome, strong and commanding rancher, with a heart as big as Texas, and as is the criteria in any believable daddy dom story, he is looking for a little girl to “protect, pamper, and adore, requires strict obedience and punishes when he deems necessary.” However, he is not harsh or too overbearing which I appreciate. On the contrary, he is gentle and caring, and as generous with his big bear hugs and cuddles as he is with his stingy spanks! And the heroine Carrie was sweet and incredibly savvy, but proved to be quite the impish spitfire too. Together this dd and his lg were pure HEAVENLY delight! There was a lot of bittersweet pent up yearning and gut-churning angst throughout as these two fight the inevitable, but the pull between Wes and his precious “Carrie girl” was just so potent you positively ache for their love to triumph! Although their road to HEA was bumpy indeed, I found the resolution to be so SWEETLY SATISFYING it brought tears to my eyes! The secondary cast of characters was also pivotal to the storyline, and infused this spirited tale with a hefty shot of eye-popping melodrama and pizazz! Though this is a “Clean” romance, there is NO SHORTAGE of deliciously arousing OTK discipline sessions, or combustible sensual tension. Not to mention a few shockingly scandalous plot twists I Never. Saw. Coming! And the best part? Even though this full-length novel can most definitely be read as a standalone, Wes and Carrie’s saga continues in the sequel FOREVER DADDY, which I will be giddily diving into next! Final Impressions: If you have a hankering for a rollicking western romance, with oodles of drama, shocking plot twists, swoony feels and sizzling sparks GALORE, then DADDY MINE is guaranteed to lasso your heart!

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