Texas Daddy is Live!

Book Four of Sweet Texas Love is up and running and the reviews are already coming in.

One of Amazon's top 1000's reviewer-- Red Rabbitt of RedRabbitts Books & Reviews-- has given this one five gold stars.

If you haven't read her reviews before, they are a great place to start and get a feel for the book. She includes a brief synopsis of the story, as well as her favorite quotes from the characters.

Here is her review of Texas Daddy:


January 20, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Wow, book four of the Sweet Texas Love gives the reader at least three stories in one. It picks up ten years after book three, yes a full decade later and Buttercup will return to Poke Town, Texas with no more than the clothes on her back and some personal documents. Part of the story will be with Wes and Carrie and with Ray and Jessica. Buttercup will realize she must leave her controlling fiancée, Tom, and there is no time to waste, no time to pack, just get away, and she returns to her brother Ray and his wife Jessica and their new home and three boys. As she acclimated back into a comfortable life, she will become fascinated with Jake, who is building a three-car garage for Ray. The story will be part of their relationship, her fears, and his patience with her. He will explain what kind of relationship he wants, and it will include domestic discipline. They will share many open and honest conversations about their past and the present. “That’s how I am able to be so honest with you about my feelings for you. And, when I felt the way I felt the first time I laid eyes on you I could allow myself to trust my feelings to be real. Because I live my life with a brutal honesty and I live it to the fullest.” “One where the man led, and the woman followed, a taken in hand relationship.” The story also has the relationship of Ray and Jessica now that they have two boys beside her son with Garrett that Ray adopted. She is trying to overdo and over-commit, and becomes stressed out and how Ray will have to take her in hand. Ray proves to Jessica that his rules do not change, even in the midst of a party in their home when she pushes the boundaries. Another part of the story will be Carrie and Wes and what has happened in their relationship after ten years. With Carrie’s near-death experiences not once, but twice, how Wes lives in constant fear of losing her. They stopped living their domestic discipline lifestyle, but that will change. Wes knows that Carrie needs his dominance and Daddy is returning to his little girl. Also that sometimes, it is ok to get outside help when there are issues that are affecting your health. Jake and Buttercup with having an issue with her ex, Tom, shows up and she doesn’t tell him the complete truth. But Jake can read her better than she realizes. The difference between the two men will become apparent quickly. One uses coercion and strong-arm technics to get what he wants, the other uses reasoning and loving guidance to keep her safe. “You know I love you too much to let you get away. You do what to be with me, don’t you? You want me to lead you, discipline you, protect you? You will let me be that man for you now, won’t you?” While the story has many spanking scenes with the various couples, it doesn’t detail sex scenes, and they are more implied.

Thank you for your reviews Red Rabbitt!

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