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Look guys- I'm having a difficult time writing today. And all five of my children are happy and cared for-- not by me-- for the next three hours. So, I really need to be spending this uninterrupted time writing Jake & Buttercup's Dirty Texas Love Book. But I just can't.

Sometimes my characters won't stop letting me into their lives. They keep me up at night, have me jotting notes in the carpool lines. I even dream about them.

But Jake and Butters are different. They are a very private couple. And the fact that I'm trying to document their sex lives...well that is making them shy away from me even more.

Don't worry-- I'll get the scoop as soon as I can. But until then, I figured, why not share something fun? Something beautiful. Something that makes my grin spread a wide as the Texas sky.

My Cover.

Boss of her Heart just might be my favorite book, of mine, to date. And it is definitely my favorite cover. It follows Garrett Love, the brother that craves redemption and control. And sweet Bella Buchanan. She's a bit flighty, forgetful, and super messy, but she's a dear.

Garrett wants to hire her to work on the ranch. But knowing Bella's nature, Garrett keeps a very tight rein on her. Even making her sign a contract as his employee that allows him to.....

I don't want to spoil it. Pick up your copy of Boss of her Heart, the first book in my series Dirty Texas Love.

February 27

And without further's Garrett Love.

Thank you to Patty Devlin and Blushing Books for the gorgeous cover.

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