Dirty Texas #2 and Exciting Releases

Mastering her Will is Live and its my dirtiest Dirty Texas Love Novel to date!

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Here is a steamy excerpt:

Buttercup sat up, gave a gasp, her eyes flying open wide. “Jake?”

I cupped her sex with my hand. Her body betrayed her. I could feel the dampness in her panties. “Your little kitty is all wet. It must like to be spanked too, just like your bottom.”

Her eyes widened, and she shook her head as she lied, “No!"

“Don’t lie to me, Buttercup. I know how wet your pussy was after I spanked it on our wedding night. You’ll take any and all the spanking you can get. Lay yourself back down.” She hesitated which earned her another sharp slap on that panty clad pussy. She obediently lay down, pressing her shoulders back down into the bed, her breath coming in quick pants. Her eyes shining.

“Let me get the truth out of you,” I said slipping my fingers underneath the elastic band around the inside of her thighs. My fingers slid into her, tight, wet entrance, the walls of her pussy contracting around them. My hand cupped her, stretching the fabric of her panties tightly over it, my thumb pressing her clit as my fingers swirled within her

And if you haven't tried Maggie Ryan and my debut novel in the Paranormal Romance Genre, here is a taste of The Wolf's Demand:

Stepping between her legs, I held my cock at the base, guiding it to almost touch the opening of her dripping sheath.

“This fuck is not for your pleasure. It is for mine. To remind you that I am in control. That I own every inch of you. You will not come. Understand?”

“Oh… oh, please,” she pleaded, her head turning toward me, lust in her eyes evident.

“Not without permission,” I qualified, reaching to grip her hair again. “If you come without my consent, I’ll spank your cunt. Is that clear?

If anything, my threat seemed to do nothing but drive her desire higher. I saw her sex actually spasm and another drop of cream slip down her thigh as she said, “Ye-yes, sir.”

“Head and tits down. Keep your ass up. Do not let go of the desk.” With her final movement into position, I pistoned my hips forward, impaling her completely with a single thrust.

“Oh… oh, God!” she cried.

I continued to fuck her, hard and fast. This wasn’t the gentle lovemaking we usually engaged in. This was pure fucking. Claiming. Marking her as mine.

When her sweet mewls began, I knew she was getting close. When those mewls morphed into a soft keening that always preceded her climax, I gave her two thrusts to seek permission. With no request given, and the walls of her sheath tightening around my shaft, I pulled out and immediately slapped her now empty pussy… three times, hard.

Her keen turned into a screech as I fisted my fingers in her hair, yanking her head back. “What did I say?”

“I-I forgot…” she managed, her body trembling.

“Forget again and my belt comes off to add stripes to your ass. Is that clear?”

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