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His eyes narrowed at me, his head shaking in frustration. “And that, little missy, is exactly why I am holding this spoon. You are one little girl that is in dire need of a severe attitude adjustment. Brody has gone on too long letting you have your way at every turn. I’m your boss now and boss you I must. And it starts with a good old-fashioned spanking, young lady.”

My heart stopped beating in my chest. My jaw dropped wide open. A white-hot heat spread across my face. A ball of ice formed in my stomach.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I whispered, knowing full well he would.

“Being back the past few weeks made me realize I was the only one who would dare,” he said.

“Dare to what?” I gasped.

He said, “Put you in your place, Louanne. Take control of your out of control, over-controlling manner. There is no doubt you excel at your job and you bring in a healthy income for the ranch. But the way you do it—it’s abrasive. It’s been your way or the highway for too long around here. And that changes, now.”

I threw my hands in the air, protesting, “But the way I run things is how I get the job done! Brody says that my personal style is the reason the event side of the ranch is making so much money. We have people coming from all over the country to experience my country chic weddings. Not to brag but—”

“You are bragging. And the one thing you seem to be forgetting is that the only way you got to where you are is with the assistance of other members of this team answering each and every beck and call of yours and never questioning a single one of your decisions. It stops now. The only way to help you see your bratty behavior is by treating you as any cowboy gentleman would when a brat comes along his path—redden her bottom and spank the sass right out of her,” he said.

Was he being serious? I answered my own question with another question—was Hayes ever not serious? He was really going to spank me! Right here in the kitchen where anyone in the Mess Hall could hear.

My hands went to my bottom, grabbing it as if I could protect it. My eyes slid to the exit that was just to Hayes’ left. I wasn’t the high school track team sprint champ for nothing—I could make it… if I just slid past him and made a break for it, I could outrun him. Sure, he had his brute strength. But I was slight and quick. Sophomore year there wasn’t a boy at Little Peak High that could out run me.

Taking a big gulp of air, I look up at Hayes from underneath my mascaraed lashes, feigning sincerity. “Hayes, you’re right. I’ve been… a bit… extra. What do you say we—” looking toward the exit, I brought my arms up by my sides and lunged past him, flinging myself toward the bright red ‘exit’ sign, calling over my shoulder as I fled, “—finish this conversation some other time!”

Adrenaline rushed through my veins, my heart thumping against my ribs as I made my escape. A smile started to stretch its way across my face as I neared the door. I was going to make it!

“Oomphf!” A sharp tug on the waist of my skirt made me momentarily lurch forward, then, like when you hit the brakes too hard in your car, I was pulled back, straight into the rock-hard arms of Hayes. My back pressed against his chest, his arms locked around me. If I wasn’t so terrified of what was to come—and panting to catch my breath—I might have relaxed into his arms. The hold felt… nice. His body heat wrapped around me like a blanket. My shoulder blades pressed against his strong muscles.

He whispered in my ear, “That was cute. Reminded me of watching you run the high school track in those tiny little burgundy shorts, years ago. Where did you think you were going exactly?”

Clearing my throat, I focused on getting myself out of trouble. If I couldn’t avoid this punishment by running, maybe I could talk my way out of it. I squeaked, “I-I’m sorry, Hayes. You’re right. It won’t happen again, I promise.” Strong hands moved to my shoulders. Slowly, he turned me to face him. His gaze was only inches from me.

“It most certainly will happen again, Louanne. I’m sure of it. And when it does, I will do then, what I am going to do now. Spank your ass.” With that, he grabbed hold of my hand with one of his, and with his other hand, snatched the abandoned spoon from the top of the big kitchen island. Before I had time to protest, Hayes had me bent over the island. My stomach dug into the ledge as my chest pressed against the cool metal of the stainless-steel top. The hand he held was suddenly wrenched behind me and attached to my lower back. My free hand pressed into the island, steadying my upper half.

This was really happening. After all the years of working with Jenkins men—men who were notorious for running a tight ship and disciplining sassy woman—I was going to be spanked by one. And spanked by not just any one of the four drop dead gorgeous muscle-laden brothers—it would be the one I had practically had a lifelong crush on.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Daddy means business

The love between these two can be seen by everyone within a 100 mile radius. Once I opened this book, there was no putting it down. These two were a match made in the stars.

Reader JoG

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