Dirty Excerpt to celebrate Boss Daddy roping a Number One Spot!

Boss Daddy Ropes a #1 Spot I am so excited readers are loving, Boss Daddy. The book has taken the #1 spot in the Western Romance New Releases category on Amazon, along with the #2 spot in the overall Western Romance category and a Top 100 spot in Contemporary Romance!

To celebrate, I am sharing a dirty little excerpt with my readers...

He gave my ass a light slap. The sound was loud in the hall, though the spank only stung slightly. “Tell Daddy how sorry you are for wanting to make up a lie.”

“I-I’m very sorry, Daddy. It won’t happen again.” Butterflies tickled my tummy. The balls of my feet pressed into the floor. Was he going to spank me lightly again? It felt so good. Being over his lap and having him chastise me like a naughty little girl while spanking me over my panties was turning me on. My nipples tightened against my bra. My pussy wept and pulsed, wanting to be wrapped around his cock. He spanked me again, on the middle of my bottom. Despite my best efforts to stay still, my hips wiggled. As they did, my clit was pushed against my slick folds, which dug into his muscular hip. I could feel a hard bulge forming in his jeans, his cock hardening against my stomach.

“Oh, Daddy, please don’t spank me anymore. I’ll be such a good girl, I promise!” I cried.

“Daddy’s not done with you yet, little one. You haven’t learned your lesson. Do you need to stand in the corner of this Mess Hall? I’ll leave your skirt up just like this and everyone can come in and admire you in your pretty white panties. They’ll know you were a naughty girl and that your loving daddy took the time to properly punish you. What do you think?” Another delicious stinging spank landed on my bottom.

“Oh, no, Daddy! Only you can see me in my panties! Please don’t make me stand in the corner,” I cried.

“Well, if you don’t want anyone to see your panties, maybe I should take them off.” His fingertips slid into the waistband of my panties. He pulled them down until my bottom was bared. “It would be best to spank this pretty little bottom on the bare, first. Then, when you are in the corner, everyone will see how red Daddy made your ass.”

“No, Daddy, no! Please don’t spank my bare bottom,” I protested. I buried my face in my hands as a shameful grin spread over my face.

His hand came down, a loud ‘smack’ echoed through the hall. He spanked my bare bottom, alternating between hard and light smacks. My skin was becoming warmer with each spank. Tingles danced over my bottom. My pussy was hot and melty. I squeezed my legs together and moved my hips, massaging my clit against his thigh and giving myself pleasure. I had never been so turned on. “I only wanted to look pretty in the magazine, Daddy. Please don’t spank me,” I cried while in my mind, I begged, please don’t stop spanking me!

“I want you to be able to do the magazine, sweetheart.” His hand rested on my warm bottom. “I only want you to do it honestly.”

My hips stopped moving. I turned my head over my shoulder, trying to see his face. I asked, “What are you proposing?”

He pulled my panties up over my bottom. Carefully, he removed the hem of my skirt from my waistband and laid it back down over my bottom. He helped me up from over his legs and sat me on his lap. His arms wrapped protectively around me. His hand went to the side of my face. Those blue-gray eyes locked on mine. He said, “Marry me.”

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