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Ranch Daddy, a brand new standalone Cowboy Daddy Romance, is now LIVE and on #KindleUnlimited!


Don't miss this sexy, loving Daddy Dom!

Josie has been crushing on Colton since she was in pigtails. He's friend zoned her in the worst way possible...love you like a sister. When she goes snooping through his emails, he doesn't think twice about taking her over his knee. Which just might lead to...their Happily Ever After.


*This novel can be read as a standalone, as always, HEA

---> Three Other Brothers <---

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“Let’s see, I’ve already tasted you here.” The pad of his thumb lightly brushed my lower lip. The small gesture warmed my heart. “And it was delicious. But I have yet to taste you here.” His hand moved down to my waist; the same thumb now pressed against my clit through my jeans. I moaned as he applied more pressure, rubbing my bud over the denim. My hips ground into the bed as electric tingles traveled through my pussy.

Sitting up, I grabbed his face in my hands, melding his mouth with mine. My fingers twined in his thick hair as his strong hands grabbed me by the waist, lifting my hips from the bed. I gasped as he unsnapped my jeans, pushing the denim over my bottom and down to my thighs. His hand grabbed my bare ass. He stopped, pulling away from the kiss. Leaning back, he eyed me, one brow cocked high. “No panties?”

Shyly I bit my lower lip. “Uh-uh.”

His eyes flashed at me. “Daddy likes.”

The heat rose in my cheeks like flames. “Daddy?” I whispered.

He shot me a devilish grin. “A naughty little girl like you’d do well to have a strict daddy watching out for her.” I yelped as he gave my ass a hard slap, then he sat me back down on the bed.

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