Bronson; A Mafia Billionaire Romance

Exclusive Extended Preview:


She perches herself on the edge of my desk. Right next to me. Taking a seat as if we were a couple of old friends having a conversation. I’m shocked by how familiar she’s being with me. Her leg presses up against mine. A heat rises in my chest.

Her fingers move to the small brass clock that sits on my desk; her painted red fingertip strokes its smooth metal. It’s the only thing I keep on my desk, an antique from my family. I don’t tell her to leave it be.

I ask again. “How often do you steal?”

She gives a small shrug. “Here and there.”

“Here and there? So what are we talking? Just on the weekends? Saturdays? Sundays?” I demand. Why is she sitting so close to me? I can feel the heat from her body pressing though our clothes where our thighs touch.

Her eyes lock on mine. “Something like that.” The tip of her tongue runs over her bottom lip where she had earlier bitten it.

I want to take that tender flesh between my own teeth.

Her lips are the color of roses.

I want to know what she tastes like.

Instead of kissing her, I grab her arm.

I move to the armless chair before me. The one I keep in front of my desk for visitors. I sit down, pulling her over my lap. I’m quite comfortable.

She cries out in surprise. I pull her full hips directly over the tops of my thighs. Her short legs dangle over the edge of mine, her small feet kick in protest.

“No kicking.” I give her a sharp swat on the top of her thigh—it’s the spot that brings the quickest obedience.

“Ow!” she cries. Her feet freeze. She grabs at the legs of the chair, her head hangs over my lap. I turn my hips to accommodate her. Her upper body hangs.

I find it’s best to waste no time when punishing an errant woman. I pull my hand back, high in the air and bring it down with a satisfying smack. A gratifying sting spreads across my palm as it lands on her jiggling ass.

“Yikes! That hurt!”

She sounds surprised.

“First spanking, I see.” I bring my hand down equally as hard on her other cheek.

This time instead of crying out, she sucks her breath in between her teeth.

“No wonder you don’t find it necessary to follow rules.” Her hipbones press into my thighs. My hand comes down again, right, then left, then right, then left.

Her hips wiggle as she whimpers.

“You’ve gotten away with it up till now, but you chose the wrong man to steal from, didn’t you?”

She snaps, “Only because you caught me—ow! Ow!”

I give her five solid swats, as sharp as her tongue. And two thigh smacks for good measure. “Are you learning your lesson? There are consequences for stealing.”

Her hips wiggle in pain, but she refuses to cry out. Her crotch presses against my cock in the most pleasant way. She refuses to answer me. Anger and frustration radiate from her.

I can see we aren’t getting anywhere. I sigh as if I’m put out, but I’m glad she’s a feisty one and more drastic measures will have to be taken. “Suit yourself. Lessons are best learned on the bare.”

Her wiggling stops. Her muscles tense. She turns, trying to get a look at me over her shoulder. Panic flashes in her eyes. “On the bare… what?”

“Bottom, of course. Unless you have another area you’d prefer to be spanked.” I reach my fingers beneath her elastic-waisted pants, easily pulling them down and exposing her panties.

Pink panties. Full cut, covering most of her beautiful ass. The sight of those panties takes away all my control. I reach my hand out, smoothing it over the curves of her lightly covered bottom. A soft sigh escapes her.

The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. “I’ll bet if I ran my finger between your legs, I would find that your panties were damp. Wouldn’t I?”

Terribly unprofessional of me.

But my God, that ass.

She says nothing but a shiver runs down her spine.

I give her bottom a sharp slap. “I asked you a question, little girl.”

No answer.

“I guess I’ll just find out for myself.” Linking a finger into their elastic waistband, slowly savoring the sight, I pull the panties down. I stop just where the curve of her ass meets the tops of her thighs, leaving them there.

Such a beautiful sight. Her round, full globes are turning rosy from the spanking. The pink panties sit just below in a tight roll. Fabric is gathered between her thighs. Placing one hand on the inside of each thigh, I give just a touch of pressure, spreading her legs.

A smile crosses my face—I receive no resistance from her.

I can feel her breath quicken with the shame of her pleasure as my fingertips wander between her parted thighs.

My cock hardens against her belly as I press her pussy over her panties.

It’s just as I suspected.

She’s soaking wet.

She sucks in a gasp as I press harder.

I can’t seem to stop myself. Now, my finger is sliding beneath the bunched-up fabric. My skin meets her slick juices. I want to put my finger to my mouth and taste her. Instead, I plunge my finger within her. So tight.

She croons and squirms. Wanting more. I pull it out, pushing it in again. She moans and the walls of her pussy tighten around my finger. I leave it there, teasing. “Naughty, naughty girl. Am I not spanking you hard enough? You seem to be finding too much pleasure in your punishment. Should I take off my belt and stripe your pretty bare ass instead of using my hand?”

“No!” she cries out in protest. But her hips grind into my lap. “Please don’t spank me with your belt!”

Now, I have no choice.

I pull my finger from her. She gives a disappointed whine of protest. “I’m sorry but you’ve been very, very bad. I must be thorough with your punishment.” My hand strokes the bare skin of her bottom. It’s warm and soft. Goosebumps rise on her flesh. There’s a shiny streak of her arousal from my touch.

“I’ll be good. I promise. I’ll never steal again!” she cries.

I give a chuckle at that. She will surely steal again. I just hope I’m the one who’s lucky enough to catch her.

Hearing my laugh changes her demeanor. She goes from apologizing to shouting in a single second.

“Don’t you dare! Who do you think you are, anyway? Spanking me, laughing at me, then—Ow!”

My hand comes crashing down on her bare ass. I watch her flesh as it jiggles.

Time for a proper spanking.

Without another word, I take my hand to her. Spanking in quick succession, I keep up a rhythm. Right, left, right, left. My palm’s stinging as I carefully cover every inch of that bare, beautiful ass.

Her hips tearing back and forth, she cries, “How dare you! Who do you think you are?” She presses her hands into the arms of the chair, pulling her upper body upward as if to get away.

I keep spanking.

The light pink is turning into a bright cherry red.

“That hurts! Please… stop!” she shouts.

I stop. I rest my hand on her bottom. It’s hot to the touch.

“Are you ready to present yourself for a taste of my belt?”


I raise my hand in the air, letting it hover over her ass. “Then we shall continue.”

That does the trick. She says, “I meant, no… I’m not ready, but I will… I’ll—”

“Very good. Hop down from my lap.”

She scoots herself over my legs, her feet finding the floor. Her face is red. Her hair a mess. Tears prick at her eyes. But she’s looking much more submissive. Gazing up at me shyly, she awaits direction.

I want to bend her over that desk and fuck her. Lean my face down in her cunt and lick her. But that’s not why we are here.

I’m simply punishing a girl who’s stolen from me.

I point to the side of the desk. “Bend yourself over the edge of the desk.” I take off my suit jacket, tossing it onto the chair. I shrug, loosening my muscles.

She steps out of her already halfway down pants. They fall to the floor. A deep blush rises in her already pink face as she shuffles over to the desk. Not the easiest task when your panties are wrapped tightly around the tops of your thighs.

Pressing her bare hips against the edge of the desk, she folds her torso over, laying her arms on the desktop. She gives me a pitiful look over her shoulder. One that makes me want to gather her into my arms. Swallowing hard, I resist the urge.

Her voice is tiny as she asks, “Like this?”

My throat tight, I reply, “Good girl. Just like that.”

I stand behind her, my thighs almost touching the backs of hers. Hands on either hip, I slowly tuck my fingers into the sides of her bunched-up panties. I tug them down, pulling them over her thighs and they drop to the floor.

I take a step back. My gaze devours her. “Spread your legs just a touch.”

“Like this?” She takes a little step apart. The crackling of her wetness fills the room. I can smell the musky scent of her arousal, her desire. I can just see a peek of the bare lips of her pussy. I hold in a groan.

She is clean shaven.

I’d never seen anything so beautiful as the sight of Paige’s ass, red from my spanking, thighs spread and a glimpse of her wet, wanting pussy.

My cock hardens. I unbuckle my belt.

The sound of the metal clanging makes the cheeks of her ass clench.


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