You can start with any of the Bachman series you would like. All books are written as full standalone novels and can be read in any order but it's recommended that you start with the first book in each series as there are underlying plot themes that tie in further with each books.

The Bachman world is an elusive mafia brotherhood of billionaires and the women they love. Bachman Brothers take special care of the women in their lives who are known as the Bachman Beauties.

Ready to get away?

There's the Village, a hidden world right in the heard of New York City, The Parrish, a private island off the coast of Greece, and The West, a Manhattan hub for the young Bachman Lawyers. Escape on a steamy adventure with your favorite Bachman.


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The king of the mafia swore off love. Then he met… her.




It starts as an interview.

The mafia king needs brides for his brothers.

An arranged marriage to bind our families.


He sees the bruises I wear.

He wants to protect me.

He demands to be obeyed.


He steals me from my home.

I fight back.

But when he puts his hands on me…


I find my resistance is futile.

Each time I push him away, it’s with weaker hands.

He took my innocence, but I can’t let him take...


My heart.





She’s a tiny thing, so young and naïve.

Beautiful and brave but loyal to a fault.

She needs the firm hand of a strong man.


Just… not my own. 

She was meant to marry one of my brothers.

I never wanted a ring on my own finger.


But now I want to put my hands on her.

Tear her innocence away from her. 

Be the first and the only man to touch her.


I can’t get her out of my mind.

I’ve gone from wanting to punish her…

To wanting to make her mine.



Beauties and Billionaires: Bachman Billionaire Series

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Bachman Brotherhood: The Original Bachman Series

Bachman Daddies: A Series featuring Mafia Daddies

Daddy's Girl: Bachman Lawyers and their Babygirls

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My Wedding Date Daddy SH Ecover INGRAM.j, United States,

Official Bachman Reading Order

Bronson, Carter, Rockland, Virgin, Surrender

Daddy, Say Daddy, Daddies, Her Mafia Daddies

(series mentioning Bachmans) Dark Crown, Dark Throne, Dark Kingdom

My Birthday Babygirl, My Blind Date Babygirl, Wedding Date Daddy

Cash is King, Devil in Gold, Rich as Sin, Make it Rain, Wild and West

Vow to the King, Mafia Fire