Find your next book boyfriend

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Bronson Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

This dangerous dom has closed his heart off, choosing to focus on leading his Brotherhood. But when the right woman enteres his world, all bets are off.


Rockland Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

Ripped. Deadly. And ready to steal your heart. More comfortable in his torn jeans and beat up truck than the luxuries he can afford, don't take his casual style for granted. He's anything but laid back.


Nick Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

Nick has a  smile to die for  with deep dimples and dark curly hair that goes wild. Don't let his babyface fool you--he's a killer.

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Colton Jenkins

Cowboy Daddy Billionaire

Colton is a broad shouldered, adventure seeking daddy who's heart is as big as his paddle of a hand. His goal is to keep his loved ones safe--no matter the cost.


Travis Jenkins

Badboy Cowboy Daddy

Travis has no patience for naughty girls. Give this tall, dark and handsome man a little sass and you'll find yourself right over his knee.

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Wes Love

Cowboy Daddy

Daddy Dom Wes is a no nonsense Texas rancher who rules his ranch with firm hand. Best if you need a strict Daddy in your life.



Restorer of Classic Cars...and hearts

Luke is a sweetie...but the most strict of all my Dom men. Luke is for you if you need very clear boundaries in your life...defined by a total hunk.

Boss of her Heart Cover.jpg

Garrett Love

Bad Boy turned Loverboy

Garrett is a bad boy gone right. He still has his edgy, dirty streak, but can love you with the best of them.

Mastering her Will.jpg

Jake Hargett

Homebuilder Sweetheart

Jake is one for the ladies who like a romantic man who will take care of you... and your secret desires.

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Carter Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

Gym owner with guns blazing beneath his shirt as well as in his work. Don't let his gentleman like nature fool you--he takes what he wants with no apologies.


Dante Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

Jade green eyes that will make you melt with one glance. Or cut you to the core, depending on his mood. This hot dom is slow to smile...and quick to discipline.

consequences cover.jpg

Luca Bachman

Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy

Captain of the ship and soon to be Captain of your heart...and your ass. Luca has a firm hand, and a big heart. 


Hayes Jenkins

Cowboy Daddy Billionaire

Hayes is a non-nonsense buisness man who knows how to get the job done. Even if it means leaving his employees unable to sit comfortably.


Brody Jenkins

Cowboy Billionaire

Brody is the kind of man that makes you stumble over your words with his sheer hotness and confidence. A cowboy to the core, Brody knows how to handle an untamed philly.

The Bartender Cover.jpg


Bartender Daddy

Need a man to cook for you, spank you snuggle you and spoil you rotten? Look no further than Daddy Ray. 



Craftsman Boy Next Door

Cole is  a fun loving guy who is great with his hands. He renovates houses, builds furniture...and keeps you in check.

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The Young Buck

The youngest of all my Doms, don't let Jacob fool you with his age. He is wise beyond his years when it comes to loving woman.